File an insurance claim

To report a claim, you may call your carrier directly, or visit their website.   If you are having trouble reaching your insurance company or have questions, please feel free to contact us directly.

The claim should be made as soon as possible after occurring, and preferably from the scene, by the driver.

Our agency will follow up with you once we see a claim has been assigned.


Vehicle Accident Checklist

Call 911

  • Report the Accident
  • Report injuries of any person involved

Remain at the Scene

  • Remain calm & stay in a safe place
  • Activate hazard lights

Exchange Information

  • Obtain name, address, driver license number and insurance information for all parties involved

Document the Scene

  • Record the accident scene (road conditions, street signs, lights, etc)
  • Record damage to vehicles
  • Record license plates and insurance information

DO NOT admit fault

  • Even if you are at fault, do not admit it
  • Do not discuss coverage or limits

Report accidents to your insurance carrier ASAP

  • Report the accident, even if no one is hurt
  • Report accidents even if the damage appears minor